In the Nest of Forest - Dudhsagar Hiking

As someone wisely said,
In the end, we only regret the chances that we didn’t take.
And luckily for me this is one of those chances that I didn’t let go. It’s been two weeks since I returned from the Dudhsagar trekking, but the experiences are etched in my memory like it happened only yesterday.

Magnificent Dudhsagar falls has grown more splendid
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This was my second trek to Dudhsagar (link to my first Dudhsagar trek) and the magnificent Dudhsagar falls has grown more splendid by the day. This time, our trekking was a little different from the last time and more adventurous, I must say. We (group of 17 wonderful people) began our journey on the Friday evening. All of us boarded our train at 2 different stations whichever was convenient to us and the journey began. I already knew few of them from my previous treks and a few new people. And how can I forget first event of the journey FOOD ANTHAKSHARI, I recommend everyone must play this game and within no time you are a master chef!

Dudhsagar train monsoon journey, way to Castle Rock Dudhsagar train monsoon journey

We reached Castlerock around 10 o’clock morning. As we had already booked a farmhouse, those people were waiting for us already there and the jeep safari began through the woods and streams. After around 30 minutes, reached farmhouse, had some refreshments and started our exploration of the forest and the streams.

Grass lands Water stream
Group water splash Water splash, child's play

What an exploration it was!!! It’s everywhere greenery as far as you can lay yours eyes on. Anywhere you turn, the view was so mesmerizing. And icing on the cake, the raining which never left our side for the next 2 days and did I complain about it??!!!

Water stream way to the unknown falls The no-name water falls, we called it BH water falls

We had a guide to show us a spectacular waterfall in the middle of the forest. We got to cross a few ice-cold water streams on our way. Oh yeah, here I must mention we had other companions too throughout our journey, the tiny, creepy crawlers, the Leeches. The moment you stop walking, they would crawl up your legs and you wouldn’t even know that they are feasting on your blood. I was a little afraid of them in the beginning, but the experience you get walking the deep forest and playing the waterfalls, greenery everywhere, it’s all worth it. We all played there in the water for a while and after some photo sessions, started back to the farmhouse.

Desi paintball game, two teams Desi paintball. throwing color water balloons
Desi paintball, teams ready to attack Desi paintball, hiding behind barriers

In the farmhouse they had a Desi paintball game for us. Few of us were so exhausted we didn’t play the game, but I can say they were having a great time by hearing their screaming and shouting.

Playing music and camp fire Some more entertaintent

After that, we all freshened up setup camp fire, played music and had some nice food. The next day, had to get up in the middle of the night and began trekking to Dudhsagar. This was so adventurous, walking in the middle of nowhere and no light to guide you forward, a new experience altogether and then came THE DESTINATION, the magnificent, spectacular, Dudhsagar in its full glory.

Group at Majestic Dudhsagar Water Falls The Majestic Dudhsagar Water Falls

I am getting short of words describe the feeling when you see the falls. It can only be felt, no words can ever be able to explain that. All of us felt a sense of great happiness. Then came the photo session of course, and after sometime, we started back to Kulem.

Railway track group photo Tunnel on the way
Group enjoying water stream Natural Jacuzzi near Kulem

On the way back, there was a small stream in the middle where we taken natural Jacuzzi, spent sometime and got back to Kulem railway station and back to Bangalore. This is one of the most adventurous, memorable, beautiful trekking. Thanks a lot everyone to make it to this trekking and shared the memories with me. I had a great time.
Thanks to BH and Santosh for organizing this and made sure everything went well.

Written by: Pavithra Shivanna
Event date: 8th & 9th August, 2015
Place: Dudhsagar Water Falls, Goa
No. of hikers: 18 (11 M, 07 F)
Event Organizer: Santosh Kumar Gupta
Photos of the event: Dhudhsagar Hiking : 8 - 9 Aug, 2015
Photo Courtesy: Kartik, Santosh, Anshul


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