About Us

Bangalore Hikers is an non-profit online social platformWe are a club that travels to mountainous regions of the India for trekking, hiking, photography and nature exploring at all levels of ability. We run day trips, weekends away and longer holiday trips. We are an online social platform, we are the all non-profit, all volunteer-managed and run hiking and outdoors association based in Bangalore, Karnataka. At Bangalore Hikers, we are all working as volunteer guides and we manage virtually all aspects of the organization. It is a platform for the adventurous, inquisitive and curious individuals who want to explore the mesmerizing nature, discover new places, are really passionate about hiking, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, biking and all sorts of outdoor adventures. Although outdoor recreation is our focus, we also lend our support to several other local causes like environmental and social responsibilities. Our trekking and social events are energetic, lively and fun-filled.

Our programs are all about discovering new places and experiences. We program and organize small-group ground breaking itineraries on weekends and public holidays throughout the calendar. The advantage of being part of a small, informal group is that you can share your experiences in the company of like-minded peoples, explore deeper and further, as well as enjoying the cost-saving advantages that group expenses brings (i.e. certain costs such as vehicles, leaders and guides can be spread between a number of people, thus reducing the per head expenses). Read more about cost sharing in FAQ.

Bangalore Hikers has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual and group has to perform. To bring about meaningful change we have team up with social activity group - Empowering Social impact to lend helping hand.

A bit on our history

Bangalore Hikers was the brainchild of two avid trekkers, Deepika Muthusamy and Santosh Kumar Gupta. The group was established on 23 January, 2014 by the two founders in Bangalore, Karnataka.

About the group

We are team of trekking buffs and social workers from diverse professional backgrounds. All work as a volunteer with equal rights and responsibilities. In our organization you won't find a boss or a supervisor but you will find a tight-knit team of dedicated volunteers committed to the organization and the cause.

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