RTI (your Right To Information)

We have right to an informed choice.

Raise your hands for your rights to informationWondering why right to information has been mentioned on our website. Well folks we, founders and event organizers have been a part of the various such events with number of trekking groups and there is a sense of anonymity when it comes to get the complete idea on following stuff.

Getting boundless information is one problem that is shared by many fellow trekkers of trekking groups, and by many similar organizations. It is essentially the problem of getting right information to the right people at the right time:

  • Was I charged more for the event or is group is worth going with for the kind of contribution I have made in monetary terms and my time?
  • Do they really adhere to what they say or just have been stung by some recent organizing clubs to start one of their own?
  • Aren't the organizer need to give some prior information about his own capabilities, achievements before asking me?
  • Why shouldn't I know the internal work structure of BH when they say that it's a non-profit organization. What lies for me in with it?

So to answer your queries on anyone of them or some other doubts; please mail at admin@bangalorehikers.com wherein respective Founder/Admin/Event Organizer will answer your any such ambiguity without any hesitation. It's an open association wherein we just want your trust and share our experiences by giving you the best.