Dudhsagar - Unforgettable & Full of Amazement

Whenever my sister was going for a trek, I so wanted to go with her and be closer to the nature for a borrowed amount of time, but due to my work timings and other reasons, it wasn't possible. Somehow, I got roped in to this Dudhsagar trek by sister. I was so excited about the trek.

Group photo, Dudhsagar water falls view point

Finally, the trekking day came, my first wonderful, unforgettable trek with full of amazement and a time well spent. So much shopping and excitement for this first trek, not enough words to express. I and my sister both planned to reach Yeshwanthpur Railway Station and catch up with the others there. We left home around 8 and took an auto to reach station, but it was so much traffic, I was just praying for us to reach the station on time and not miss it. Luckily enough, we reached before time and were waiting for the train to come and the Chennai Vosco express was late by 10 minutes and came @ 9:40pm.

Group photo at Castlerock railway station, the starting point of Dudhsagar water falls trekking Group photo on hanging bridge near Castlerock
Wall covered with algie on monsoon, Castlerock

I met only Santosh, Amitesh and Anshul there as all of us were scattered through S8 and S9 and the journey started. Cannot forget that awful breakfast at Hubli station. Reached Castle Rock around 9.30am and then came the introduction (Santosh, Amitesh, Anshul, Pavithra, Prema, Garima, Anu, Jigeesha, Nandini, Saranya, Nehal). This trek was dominated by ladies gang. Started 14KM trekking on railway track :) it's so nice that finally I am trekking. It's so awesome, everywhere greenery, chill :) , and not so rain the first day, though all of us were praying for the rain. Rain was playing blink you miss the game.

Tunnel way to Dudhsagar water falls Entering Goa state, Dudhsagar water falls trekking

On the way while trekking, we took beautiful snaps on hanging bridge, on tracks, near tunnels, small waterfalls and when train was moving. We stopped in the middle for lunch and resumed our trek in full force to reach Dudhsagar as soon as possible (To get place for our tents). Around 4.30pm we reached DUDHSAGAR. Wow amazing creature of nature, everywhere water, everywhere green, it was breathtaking, and we rushed to occupy place for our tents. After arranging tents, by chance we went for a walk, there we saw another beautiful waterfall near a tunnel and dancing in waterfall was awesome. We spent more than 2 hours in that place and saw small stream and sat there for some time, Dancing in the waterfall was memorable. All our leg pain, shoulder pain because of carrying luggage, and fatigue all gone under the water. We didn't want to come out of the water :)

Preparing tents at Dudhsagar waater falls camping site

Santosh and 2 other people were sitting and having some snacks inside a tent where in everyone joined later on and 10 people sat in 1 tent. Tried out different, new recipes I had never heard before (biscuits with pickle :( ). Story telling part, Anshul started ghost stories of his hometown and ended with God story (courtesy Garima). Santosh lit camphor and prepared dinner. Santosh was telling this is the first time girls were more than boys (9 girls & 3 guys) in any of his trek.

Group photo at Dudhsagar water falls

I couldn't sleep whole night because of train noise and river current sound, was just waiting for 5'clock, but that came and went, I was still sleeping. Finally, everyone got up, had breakfast, disassembled our tents, and started trekking to Kulem with one last glance of the Dudhsagar falls. And finally it started raining in the morning. Took awesome pics near the Dudhsagar, view point, on the way and so on.

Never meeting parallel railway trek, Dudhsagar water falls trekking Tunnel drilled through monolith, Dudhsagar water falls trekking
Taking rest and fueling at Sonalium, Dudhsagar water falls trekking

This trekking was more beautiful than yesterday's as we went through the forest, crossing some small streams while walking. Enjoyed in the water walk. Had some photo sessions in the forest area and water streams. Spent some time in the stream next to the track on the way to Kulem. The place was so picturesque, just out of movie scenery. Played in the water, took pictures. No one wanted to come out of the stream. Walked rest of the way fully drenched and rain in between was not helping.

Group photo in jungle route, Dudhsagar water falls Human chain crossing water stream, Dudhsagar water falls trekking
One of many water streams, Dudhsagar water falls trekking

Finally reached Kulem where we had to catch train for Londa and from there Rani Chennama to Bangalore. Santosh & Amitesh took more than 2 hours to get lunch :( :(

Reached Majestic on Monday morning where a wonderful journey came to an end. Everyone left from there to their respective places.

I want to be a regular trekker :) :) if time permits, let's hope for the best and keeping my fingers crossed for my next trek to happen.

Thank you all for those wonderful moments and Bangalore Hikers team for organizing this trek. I am feeling elated for being part of this trek.

Written by: Prema Shivanna
Event date: 26th & 27th July, 2014
Place: Dudhsagar Water Falls
No. of hikers: 12 (03 M, 09 F)
Event Organizer: Santosh Kumar Gupta
Photos of the event: Dudhsagar Rail Line Trek: 26th & 27th July, 2014
Photo Courtesy: Anu, Garima, Pavithra, Nehal


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