Kumara Parvatha - The Memories, The Paradise, The Happiness

If you are into the world of trekking then you would have heard the name "Kumara Parvata" (short name: KP) considered among the toughest treks in South India, though it's considered one of the toughest treks in South India, all the pain vanishes into oblivion once you reach the peak. If you complete KP trek then you have something to brag about your stamina and "I will do it" attitude. In short, its trekker's paradise.

Kumara Parvatha trekking trail, Kukke Subramanya side

Background of Joining the trek:

The mountains are calling and I must go!...
Santosh pinged me one week before the event and asked "KP chalna hai kya?", after hearing the KP word my immediate reply was "Mein kar paungi kya?" and his answer made me to say yes, and I replied him chalo I am in.

Now what next!..
I called Vijay (VJ) for joining us. He said "You cannot do it, its toughest trek and requires lot of stamina". Now again my decision became was in predicament. I was about to say "NO" to Santosh but one fine morning I got a call from Shree, asking for my confirmation. I said, I will decide and let you know by evening. Again I called to Vijay and said I want to go for KP trek, I will bear it whatever happens then he also agreed to join us. Before any second thought, immediately I called up Shree and said we both are coming to KP trek :)

On Thursday 13th Nov, 2014, Our organizer Shree (bachcha of course adopted by me in one of the trek :) ), (till that I was not knowing he is the organizer for this trek) sent a mail to all participant about itinerary and asked us to gather on Friday, 10.30 PM at Shantala Silk Stop (Shantala is now famous by all trekking families).

Our Journey starts now...

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.
As per schedule, everybody gathered in time. We saw that one friend from other trekking group also waiting for their TT (Tempo Traveller). I and Vijay went to meet him, and once again I got nervous by listening those four words "You cannot do it". At this moment I was like I should return back to home.

But in one soft corner my willing power was approaching me Let's do it. With that confidence, we started our KP journey. After quick introduction, we step into the TT. Most of us slept as soon as get into the TT. Shree and VJ were appointed to monitor on drive and keep driver busy in talking so that he should be alert while driving.

We reached Somavarpet around 4 o'clock. We prefer to sleep in TT till sun rises and few were chit-chatting. Around 6.00AM everybody got up and started waking up and exploring surroundings with their tiny winy eyes.

Mallalli Water Falls view from top

Our first adventure was Mallalli Water Falls.

Water is the driver of nature
-well said by "Leonardo da Vinci"
Around 3KMs by TT and 1.5KMs by walk; we could able to hear exquisite waterfall's sound which didn't stop us to move on. Few of us were excited to get into water and others were eager for their next profile pic in FaceBook. As we started moving towards the falls, many questions were arising in mind whether water is cold? Is it deep? Is it slippery?

Mallalli Water Falls, hikers near the falls Group photo at Mallalli Water Falls
There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says, if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you!
Still we were thinking whether to get into water or not, but as usual our "born trekker" Shree was already stepped into, to see the depth of the water and he was on the other side of the water path. "Hamare Shree ko koi rok sakta tha bhala?", we confirmed by seeing him alive that we can also get into the water. Few of us started stepping into the water and others were busy in taking snaps.

About spending an hour at water falls we started climbing up and reached to the home stay at 10AM.

I heard somebody among us said that we covered one of our destination and I was about to show happy smiley on my face :) , other said it's not even trail of KP. It's just a body warm-up :(

Now everyone was hungry, I read in some book that "A hungry belly has no ears", which was best paradigm now. Home Stay Aunty prepared some different Kodagu style paddu (rice balls) with sambar and on demand she prepared chutney. I missed eating fish pickle bought by Shree and was cursing to the Saturday, as we will not have non-veg on Saturday but could able to save some pickle from Shree for next day.

After having breakfast, everybody's stomach gave green signal indicating full and ready to start. We started our expedition towards KP trek around 10.30 AM.

Group posing for photo before starting the Kumara Parvatha trek

We asked us to get into TT and as decided, TT dropped us to the starting point of KP. "Now actually the trek begins". All started climbing with full enthu, who knew where these KP trails take us.

Kumara Parvatha trekking trail, Beedahalli side

We were lucky to have such wonderful weather and thanks to Sun, it was not sunny. It was fun to walk on curving trials when greenery is around you. Santosh and Divya were like they came to some hill marathon and running (not climbing) on the hill. This time Shree was forcefully going gentle as he was a sweeper, for him it was a big punishment "Going slow".

One of the steep rock to climb Landscape view from top of Kumara Parvatha

KP trek is mixture of easy, moderate and difficult paths. Some paths are easy and some slops are little difficult but believe me it's not impossible even for the first time trekker what I feel. We reached the KP peak around 3.30PM after taking few halts and lots of snaps. "Hip Hip Hurrey" to first runners (Santosh, Divya, Kartik, Srinivas) who was already there around 2.00PM and were ready with tents as well :)

Now again our stomach started signifying with red signal, time to fill the fuel :) (lunch time). Everybody had the rice, sambar, pickle, rassam, butter milk which we got parcel from Homestay aunty. Thanks to VJ for arranging the food and taking care of our stomach :) . That is what trekking teaches you, to appreciate things in life keeping in mind the context.

Girls sat on the top most rock at Kumara Parvatha peak

Post lunch, we all relaxed for some time while Santosh and Anshul (bechara Anshul) went to fill all empty water bottles and Shree and few went to collect the tree branches for night fire camp. And we girls sat top most rock and enjoying the breezing air. This is an advantage of being a girl. Will not go into deep discussion otherwise Divya will start the debate :)

Sunset view from Kumara Parvatha peak

Now it's time to capture beautiful sunset, everybody was waiting for Sun to give us some stunning pose. When Santosh is around, as usual Sun will be hidden always :( . While chit-chatting, we opened up different variety of snacks and thanks to those who bought wood for camp fire. Few among us went and slept in tents and few started sharing their thoughts. And ofcourse without our favorite Antakshari the day will not end. Around 9PM, everybody preferred to go into their tents. My constraints being me sleep in middle in tent could not stop others laugh and Roopa keep asking me how will you sleep in middle when the tent is of 2 person :)

After few minutes, some tone started coming, and it was from Shree and Anshul's tent, who were chitchatting that Snake or some wild animal also giving company sleeping with them :)

Horizon before sunrise, view from Pumara Parvatha peak Sunrise view from Kumara Parvatha peak

Next day everybody woke up around 5.30 - 6AM to see sun rise. The morning was so chill and breezy that it was making us feel that we are touching the cloud. After taking some snaps of sunrise and beautiful nature, we started our next day journey of KP trek – towards next peak Shesha Parvatha and getting down to Kukke Subramanya. At 9AM we reached to Shesha Parvatha peak. After few minutes breaks and snaps, we started descending.

Morning group photo at Kumara Parvatha peak

This time Shree was leader and believe me he has changed the meaning of "leading". For me, leader was one who will lead the team but for Shree leader was who will reach the destination first :)

Today Sun was lil bit angry on us, it was bit sunny. Around 11AM we reached to "Kallu Mantap", had our breakfast. Thanks to Vikash and others who brought lots of Chapatis and curry.

Bhatre Mane - the place where you get food

At 11.30AM we started from there and finally reached to "Bhatre Mane" (where you will get food and water which tastes like nectar when you are hungry and tired) around 1PM. By that time, our Shree had already finished his Breakfast, lunch as he reached around 10.30AM. Following him, Divya and Shrinivas reached around 11AM. "Hats off to these 3 Supermen/woman". If in world any Climbing Hill competitions are there then I am sure Shree will be the winner :)

After finishing our lunch, around 2.30PM we started from Bhatre Mane to the final destination.

Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory :)
This route was steep and dense forest. Everybody was stepping down by their own energy level. Finally few of us reached around 4.30PM to the Kukke destination gate and Shree was waiting for us in TT. We waited for VJ and Santosh who left behind. And Thanks to Santosh and his patience being with VJ all the time.

Group after Subramanya Swami darshan

Around 6PM, we went to Kumaradhara river to take holy bath, since nobody has taken shower from 2 days :) and took the darshan of Subramanya Swami.

After dinner, finally at 10 PM, we started our journey back to Bangalore. Shree initiated feedback session in TT itself.

This trip was more into trekking, watering, eating with full of energy and fun. And hope everybody enjoyed it :)

Thanks to Kartik, Anshul, Divya, Vinay, Srinivas, Vikash, VJ, Roopa, Santosh, and lastly but not least our sweet Shree for their support and co-ordinations. Hope to see you all again till then "Keep Rocking" :)

Written by: Maddy
Event date: 15th & 16th Nov, 2014
Place: Kumara Parvatha
No. of hikers: 12 (08 M, 04 F)
Event Organizer: Shree Nayak
Photos of the event: Kumara Parvatha & Mallalli Falls Hiking: 15th & 16th Nov, 2014
Photo Courtesy: Kartik, Anshul, Roopa


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